October 10, 2018

An interesting and detailed revelation regarding the compatibility of the latest A2 performance specification secure digital memory card can be found from this Extremetech article


Due to lack of compatibility smart phone that can take advantage of the A2 specification, retailers should prepared themselves for possible post sales technical inquiries from customers not familiar with this detail.


June 18, 2018

Early in June 2018, our buying team completed a successful trip to the 2018 Computex held in Taipei Taiwan. What a great exhibition with numerous vendors displaying a plethora of exciting hardwares and concepts. We will be introducing many of these new innovations to our product line soon!





June 20, 2018

During our trip to Taipei, we also checked out the Gogoro electric scooter display center near the Guang Hua digital market.  Battery swapping represents an effective strategy for densely populated metropolitan areas such as Taipei and many cities in the Asia Pacific and western Europe. Can we adopt this concept for future EV transportation in Canadian cities like Toronto and Vancouver?





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