At Rocky Pacific Distribution, we provide a wide variety of services tailoring to today’s ever changing and dynamic business environment. Our experiences in co-ordinating the resources from the manufacturing end to the retail end offer our business partners the necessary environment for the ultimate business success.



Product Development

Rocky Pacific Distribution Ltd. has close to 20 years of combined experiences in product design from various consumer product categories. We created our first merchandise, maple leaf animal back pack for the Canadian tourism market in 1997. From industrial design, tooling manufacturing, packaging design, factory pilot production auditing to final mass production supervision, we have the background and the experience to manage any project.



Warehouse Storage

We offer warehousing management services covering the entire North America including US, Canada and Mexico. Working with our storage partners, strategic product placement can be achieved under various scenario to meet the specific requirement of the client.

In order to meet the growing international expansion, we also offer services in the Asia Pacific region covering marketplaces in Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the Philippines.



Logistics and Shipping

Attending to our client's logistics and shipping requirement is part of our core business. We have solutions covering importation, exportation, customs brokerage, domestic e-commerce fulfillment, international small package shipping and reverse RMA logistics.


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